How It works

  • Sign Up – vehicle dealers and inspecting agents are qualified on the solution.
  • Conduct Inspections – the TRUCONDITION™ application is used to complete vehicle condition assessments.
  • Create Reports/Badges –  upon submission of a vehicle assessment, a report and condition score are generated. Condition scores range from Exceptional (5.0) to Salvage (0). Reports are securely hosted in a Subscriber’s account.
  • Market – TRUCONDITION™ badges are embedded in online ads and on websites. Shoppers compare scores and retrieve the associated reports with a single click. Reports expire in 120 days.


TRUCONDITION™ provides standardized condition assessments, delivering unprecedented transparency for consumers and quality based differentiation for sellers.

  • Builds Consumer Trust – Standardized condition assessments mitigate misunderstanding and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Differentiates on Quality – quantifiable quality supports differentiated market pricing.
  • Saves Time & Effort – streamlined inspections, report creation and communication.
  • Simplifies Sales Process – accessible condition data enables focus on product value and customer experience.
  • Cost Effective – Scalable pricing to fit dealers of all sizes.


An innovative solution that streamlines vehicle re-marketing workflow and delivers standardized condition assessments for the auto industry.

  • Inspection Application – Easy to use process delivering inspections with consistent results.
  • Comprehensive Report – Simple language, highly visual, engaging and easy to comprehend.
  • Reliable Grading – Comparable condition scores generated via a proprietary algorithm.
  • Condition Badges – ‘At-a-Glance’ assessment that’s published on websites and links to a specific vehicle’s report.
  • Cloud based – Schedule inspections, pause/resume, access anytime, across multiple devices.

0$/10 reports

Free Test Drive

A limited time opportunity to trial this innovative solution.

  • Conduct Inspections
  • Publish Reports & Badges
  • Provide Valued Feedback

499$/100 Reports

Pay as You Go

Suited to Smaller Dealerships and Inspection Agencies.

  • 100 report increments
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Reports archived for 5 years



Suited to Larger Dealers and Wholesalers.

  • Simple monthly billing
  • 100 reports/mth
  • Renewable 1 year term

See how easy it is to Capture and Communicate a vehicle’s condition and change the conversation from Price to Value. Get Started Now.